About Us

The Savin Rock Carousel Committee was formed by a group of present and former West Haven residents to return a part of West Haven history to our shoreline.

West Haven was once the “The Entertainer of Long Island Sound.” Every summer people from all over New England flocked to our shores to visit Savin Rock Amusement Park. The exciting rides, the thrill of the funhouse, the band concerts and car races were some of the attractions that drew people to our community.

One of the highlights of Savin Rock was the beautiful grand carousel – that West Haveners called the “Flying Horses”. The beautifully carved and painted wooden horses, the elegant chariots and the stirring organ music are part of our childhood memories. The committee intends to bring back those fond memories with a grand carousel like the one we all knew and loved.

Our goal is to purchase a grand carousel, restore it to its fonner glory and bring it to the shore in West Haven.

Our plan is to house the carousel in an addition to the Savin Rock Conference Center. A wing would be attached to the present building especially for the carousel as shown in the picture below:

The carousel would be in the building in the front on the right in the picture. We need your help to make this happen. Tax dollars will not be used to purchase the carousel. We will rely on donations from corporations, grants and people like you who want to see the “Flying Horses” return to our shore- line.

How can you help?


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We CAN do it – with YOUR help!